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Fresh Sweet Mandarin (Premium)

1CTN FOR $28.80 (35 PCS)

Mandarins are the sweetest of the Citrus family with a deep orange-red rind and juicy segmented flesh. 

Fresh Sweet Mandarin (Premium)

1CTN FOR $13.80 (18 PCS)

Mandarins have a strong citrus aroma that is fresh and pleasant smelling. More subtle than the fruit's citrus aroma are the fruits nutty, woody, and floral aromas


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Taiwan premium ponkan is sweet taste, rich juiciness and flavorful flesh.

Thai Coconut

The best combination to go with Durians! 
The white flesh on the inside has a firm bite and a sweet, nutty and mild flavour.


4PCS FOR $10

White peaches are low in acid, allowing for their natural sweetness to be more pronounced. Their skin is fuzzy and creamy white in colour with blushes of red and pink. They are high in vitamin C, dietary fiber, vitamin A, niacin and potassium.



Blueberries are small round berries and have a slightly sweet taste with a bit of acid.

Mouthfeel is juicy and there is a pleasant "squirt" of juice as you bite down on a single fresh ripe blueberry.


Ecuador Passion Fruit

1PCS FOR $3.50

The fruit is filled with a pale white to almost clear pulp that encases many small, flat black seeds.
It is aromatic with a slippery, moist, and smooth texture layered over a crunchy center, and have a sweet, and fruity flavor.

Korea Jeju Hallabong Mandarin Orange

1BOX FOR $70 (9PCS)

Hallabong is a special tangerine that grows near Hallasan Mountain in Korea's Jeju Island. Many Koreans love Hallabong because its juice is sweeter and contains more Vitamin C than regular tangerines or oranges.

Korean Muscat Grape

1 box is 850g-900g

Korean muscat grapes are larger than the average grape and have an oval to oblong shape. The skin is taut, smooth, glossy and bright green in colour. The flesh is generally translucent, soft, aqueous, and nearly seedless. These grapes have a crisp, snap-like quality followed by a soft, juicy consistency. 



1KG FOR $12

It has a greenish-yellow color, prickly skin, and creamy, white flesh.
Its taste is often described as a combination of strawberry and apple, but with a little citrus mixed in.

Spain Persimmon

4PCS FOR $10
The persimmon's flesh is juicy and seedless
The fruits are rich, tangy and sweet, having a silky, slippery texture.

Tasmania Premium Cherry

2KG FOR $128

Tasmania Premium Cherry is the kind of fruit that can transport you to the happy days of summer. Juicy, crunchy, and at peak ripeness, pop one crimson beauty into your mouth and you'll agree—they're incredible.