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Spain Persimmon

1 PC FOR $5
The persimmon's flesh is juicy and seedless
The fruits are rich, tangy and sweet, having a silky, slippery texture.

Australia Sapo Melon

1PC FOR $20

Its tough exterior hides a dense, juicy and refreshing sweet flesh .


1PC FOR $12

Hami melon has a juicy orange flesh, sweet and crunchy.

Japan Fuji Melon

1 PC FOR $50
Japan Fuji Melon has pale yellow to light lemon in color, not overly green. 


1 BOX FOR $12 (4pcs/box)

Rockit apples have a juicy sweet flavor that appeals to every palette. They pack a large number of vitamins, fibers and antioxidants in their small size. Similar to the benefits received from eating any apple, these apples help in digestion and keep sugar levels in check. 

Australia Mango

1 PC FOR $7

Orange skin tinged with a red blush.
The flesh is yellow and firm with a sweet fresh flavour.


1PC FOR $6

They are so sweet, they have been called "fruit" tomatoes due to people being in disbelief at how rich a tomato can be! Balancing out this intense sweetness is the tomatoes natural umami savoury flavours.

USA White Cherries

1 BOX FOR $35 (500g/box)

White cherry is a flavored white & green tea with a hint of jasmine & coconut in the predominant cherry flavor. ... It has a very complex blend of white, greens and flavored jasmine teas.

African Blue @ Premium Blueberries

1BOX FOR $12

Blueberries are small round berries and have a slightly sweet taste with a bit of acid.

Mouthfeel is juicy and there is a pleasant "squirt" of juice as you bite down on a single fresh ripe blueberry.



1 BOX FOR $12 (350g/box)

It's sweet but not saccharine, tart without puckering your lips.

China Seedless Lychee

1 BOX FOR $60 (1KG)

Seedless lychees are medium-sized and very flavoursome.


1KG FOR $12

It has a greenish-yellow color, prickly skin, and creamy, white flesh.
Its taste is often described as a combination of strawberry and apple, but with a little citrus mixed in.