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AUS Black Seedless Grapes

1KG FOR $20

The flesh is very crisp, almost crunchy, while the skin is thin and hardly impacts on the eating experience. 

AUS Red Seedless Grapes

1 KG FOR $20

Red Seedless Grapes are firm and sweet with a very good, crisp texture.

Fruitico Brand-Green Seedless Grapes

1KG FOR $35

Tastes just like cotton candy. A sweet grape with hints of vanilla and butterscotch. Round to ellipsoid in shape.


1 BUNCH FOR $116 (550g~750g)

Kyoho-grape is a European-American hybrid grown in Japan and the fruit is very large in size. The aroma and taste of grapes vary greatly depending on the variety. Kyoho-grapes are known for their richness of flavor and are particularly high in sugar content near the vine.

New Zealand Green Kiwi


Full of flavor but with palate cleansing acidity, our kiwifruit are rich in fibre and packed with the enzyme actinidin which are brilliant for digestion.
New Zealand Sungold Kiwi

1PC FOR $2.50

High in Vitamin C, strengthening your body’s natural defences, and irresistibly sweet and juicy!

Hawaiian Papaya

1PC FOR $5

Hawaiian Papayas have a bright, yellow-orange flesh and tender green-yellow skin. Mexican Papayas taste muskier and less sweet than papayas from Hawaii and have more of a green tinted skin. The flesh of both types ranges from salmon-red to bright orange in color.


1PC FOR $8

A pure white, sweet corn with a strong flavour.

Ipoh Pomelo

1 PC FOR $10
Pomelo are usually pale green to yellow when is ripe and they comes with the sweet white flesh and thick rind pith

USA Cherries

1 BOX FOR $28 (500g/box)

Bold red in colour,  cherries are very juicy and bursting with a sweet and sour tang.


1KG FOR $10

Also referred to as the Queen of Fruits, Mangosteen is sweet, tangy and juicy.
It is purple in colour and the fruit has a white fleshy pulp, segmented with seeds.

Organic Longan

1KG FOR $9

Often called “Dragon’s Eye” because of the white eye-shaped mark on the pit – giving it the appearance of an actual eyeball.

The juicy flesh has a mildly sweet and musky flavour.