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Japan Premium Apple

1 PC FOR $5.50

These are very large apples with dense flesh and a crisp texture. Highly fragrant their popularity stems from a balanced taste of sweet and sour.


1 BOX FOR $12.60 (4-5pcs/box)

Rockit apples have a juicy sweet flavor that appeals to every palette. They pack a large number of vitamins, fibers and antioxidants in their small size. Similar to the benefits received from eating any apple, these apples help in digestion and keep sugar levels in check. 

Korean Young Wha Singo Pear

1 PC FOR $6.30

Korean Young Wha Singo Pear, juicy, non grainy and sweet. 


1 PC FOR $10.50

They are so sweet, they have been called "fruit" tomatoes due to people being in disbelief at how rich a tomato can be! Balancing out this intense sweetness is the tomatoes natural umami savoury flavours.

USA White Cherries

1 BOX FOR $36.80 (500g/box)

White cherry is a flavored white & green tea with a hint of jasmine & coconut in the predominant cherry flavor. ... It has a very complex blend of white, greens and flavored jasmine teas.

Driscoll's Blackberries

1 BOX FOR $12.60

Juicy and plump, blackberries are soft like strawberries, especially when very ripe.

Driscoll's Raspberries
1 BOX FOR $12.60

Raspberries have a sweet-tart flavor and are full of vitamin C and fiber. 

Egypt Strawberries

1 BOX FOR $6.30 (250g/box)
The bright red color makes the cone berries very attractive. The fruit is very demanded and appreciated for its sweetness, bright red color, characteristic aroma and juicy texture.

Japanese Strawberry

1 BOX FOR $33.60 (350g/box)

Japanese Strawberry is a highly esteemed type of strawberry prized for its beautiful shape and color and sought after for its sweet, large, tender flesh. 

Korea Strawberries

1 BOX FOR $26.30 (330g/box)

The strawberry is a succulent and fragrant fruit of bright red colour. In the West it is considered as the "queen of the fruit".

Australia Lychee

1 BOX FOR $39.90 (500g/box)

Australia Lychee is a subtropical fruit. It is oval to round in shape and about the size of a walnut. Its thin, red bumpy skin is easily peeled to reveal a white, juicy, translucent ball of firm jelly-like flesh that surrounds a shiny brown seed. The flesh is sweet and delicately flavoured with a texture similar to a grape.


1 KG FOR $4.20

Duku has thick and harder rind compared to Longkong. It is pale yellow in colour, developing brown spots and blemishes as the fruit matures.

Duku has translucent-white flesh which are juicy, tender, and soft with a texture similar to grapes, It also develop a sweet-tart flavor with light acidity, reminiscent of grapefruit and pomelo.