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Coconut Jelly

1PC FOR $6

It is sweet and has a very subtle fruity aroma.

Thai Coconut

1PC FOR $4.50

The best combination to go with Durians! 
The white flesh on the inside has a firm bite and a sweet, nutty and mild flavour.

Japan Aomori Apple Juice

1L FOR $15

Made from 100% pure apple juice from Aomori Japan, the Red Apple Juice uses 3 types of apples- Fuji, Orin and Jon Gold.

Japanese Hanippu C (Apple & Ume Plum) JUICE 200ML

1 BOTTLE FOR $6 (200ml)

A refreshing beverage made with real apple and ume plum!

Japanese Hanippu C (KINKAN&LEMON) JUICE 200ML

1 BOTTLE FOR $6 (200ml)

A refreshing beverage made with real lemon and kamquat! Best served chilled.

Australia Avocado

1PC FOR $2.50 (S Size)
1PC FOR $5 (L Size)

Avocado fruits have greenish or yellowish flesh with a buttery consistency and a rich, nutty flavour. They are often eaten in salads, and in many parts of the world they are eaten as a dessert. Mashed avocado is the principal ingredient of guacamole, a characteristic sauce in Mexican cuisine.

Australia September Candy Plum

6PCS FOR $13

It is extremely juicy when ripe with relatively low acidity, offering candy-like flavors reminiscent of fruit punch and juicy fruit gum.

Ecuador Passion Fruit

1PC FOR $3.50

The fruit is filled with a pale white to almost clear pulp that encases many small, flat black seeds.
It is aromatic with a slippery, moist, and smooth texture layered over a crunchy center, and have a sweet, and fruity flavor.

Egypt Pomegranate

1 PC FOR $6 

The fruit, about the size of an apple, bears many seeds, each within a fleshy crimson seed coating, enclosed in a tough yellowish to deep red rind.


1 BOX FOR $12 (6-7PCS)

The inside of the flat peach is white in appearance. They are harvested in late spring through the end of summer. Flat peaches are usually sweeter than other peaches, but still have a recognizable peach taste. They are said to be more complex-tasting and flavorful, often described as possessing undertones of almond.


3PCS FOR $15

White peaches are low in acid, allowing for their natural sweetness to be more pronounced. Their skin is fuzzy and creamy white in colour with blushes of red and pink. They are high in vitamin C, dietary fiber, vitamin A, niacin and potassium.

Australia Sweet Persimmon

3 PCS FOR $10
Australia persimmon is seedless,sweet and non-astringent variety that can be eaten both firm or soft.