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Black Gold MSW

Dark greyish undertones can be found on the flesh of Black Gold durians.
It has a silky texture and an intense buttery, bitter aftertaste.

Black Thorn


The flesh bears a rich, wine-like aroma and is sweet, fruity, pungent, and subtly bitter with a faint alcoholic aftertaste.


D13 Red Prawn

Vibrant reddish orange in colour. It is sweet, creamier and stickier than most durians.


Light green/ brownish husks
Thick and short thorns Light green/ brownish husks
Thick and short thorns

Frozen Golden Phoenix

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Sweet and gentle floral fragrance with an underlying bitter taste.

Durians are froze using nitrogen freeze within a short frame of time (30 Min) without losing its original flavour, taste, colour and texture. 



Golden phoenix

Pale white in colour with soft texture. It’s known for its bitter taste.

Hock Beng D13


Deep orangish in colour with sweet and super rich creamy texture.  

Mao Shan Wang


Light green/ brownish husks
Thick and short thorns with custard bright yellow flesh.
It is rich and creamy texture with a strong bittersweet after taste.


Bright yellow flesh.
It is bittersweet, extremely rich and more intense in taste.

Tekka @ Green Bamboo

Teka, also known as “Musang Queen” is another “hot seller” cultivar. The fruit is slight larger, long oval, green skin and crude spines with a flesh that tastes sweet, bitter and citrusy all at the same time

XO Durian

Pale yellow flesh.
It’s distinctively soft, buttery and fleshy meat with an almost alcoholic taste.

Frozen Musang King

$35 per box (400g)

Frozen durian undergone blast-frozen process which can preserve the durian’s freshness, moistures, and flavours effectively.