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Also referred to as the Queen of Fruits, Mangosteen is sweet, tangy and juicy.
It is purple in colour and the fruit has a white fleshy pulp, segmented with seeds.


Reddish leathery skin.
Rambutan flesh is juicy, milky-white, translucent in color.
The flesh is sweet and very aromatic.

Rose Apple

The fruit is nearly round, oval, or slightly pear-shaped.
Smooth and thin skin with pink-blushed.
It is crisp, juicy and sweet with the scent of a rose in flavor.

Yellow Dragon Fruit

Yellow-skinned with white-fleshed and numerous black seeds.
The flesh is crisp, juicy texture and very sweet.

D24 Puree

100% Pure D24 Flesh.

It has a buttery taste.

MSW Puree

100% Pure Mao Shan Wang Flesh.

It’s rich and creamy, with a strong bittersweet taste.