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Ecuador Passion Fruit

1PC FOR $3.50

The fruit is filled with a pale white to almost clear pulp that encases many small, flat black seeds.
It is aromatic with a slippery, moist, and smooth texture layered over a crunchy center, and have a sweet, and fruity flavor.


1 BOX FOR $15 (500g/box)
Medjoul dates are just one of hundreds of varieties of dates, but they're the only one known as “the fruit of kings.” With a sweet, caramel taste and chewy texture, Medjool dates were originally eaten by royalty and thought to fend off fatigue.

Pink Guava

3PCS FOR $10

The entire fruit with yellowish green peel, pink flesh, and numerous seeds is edible.


1PC FOR $6 
Australia persimmon is seedless,sweet and non-astringent variety that can be eaten both firm or soft.

Fresh Kumquat (金桔)

1 BOX FOR $6 (450g/box)
Kumquat is like the petite version of mandarin orange and is best identified by its bright & shiny orange peel.
Crunchy and firm to the bite, its aromatic flavour when fully ripe.

Red Grapefruit

3PCS FOR $6 

Grapefruit is loaded with vitamin C, a nutrient shown to help boost your body's immune system. Grapefruit is also loaded with Vitamin A, another vitamin that has been proven to help immune function.


1PC FOR $12

Hami melon has a juicy orange flesh, sweet and crunchy.

Japan Crown Melon

1PC FOR $150

Japanese King of Fruits: Crown Melon

Valuable flavor made by history. The melon has beauty of artistic form, fragrance with the scent of musk, plenty of juice, mellow taste, and smooth texture, which is the high-grade melon cultivated in Fukuroi city of Shizuoka prefecture, called “Shizuoka Crown Melon”.

Japan Fuji Melon

1 PC FOR $50
Japan Fuji Melon has pale yellow to light lemon in color, not overly green. 


1PC FOR $5 
The flesh is pale yellow and aromatic, while the flavors are sweet with a hint of pear and pineapple. The texture of the flesh is juicy.

Japan Premium Apple

1 PC FOR $5 

These are very large apples with dense flesh and a crisp texture. Highly fragrant their popularity stems from a balanced taste of sweet and sour.


1 BOX $10 (4pcs/box)
Rockit apples have a juicy sweet flavor that appeals to every palette. They pack a large number of vitamins, fibers and antioxidants in their small size. Similar to the benefits received from eating any apple, these apples help in digestion and keep sugar levels in check.