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1 PC FOR $5 
The flesh is pale yellow and aromatic, while the flavors are sweet with a hint of pear and pineapple. The texture of the flesh is juicy.


1 BOX FOR $12 (5pcs/box)

Rockit apples have a juicy sweet flavor that appeals to every palette. They pack a large number of vitamins, fibers and antioxidants in their small size. Similar to the benefits received from eating any apple, these apples help in digestion and keep sugar levels in check. 

Strawberry Apples

1 BOX FOR $6 (450g/box)

Strawberry apples like their name suggests, taste like strawberries. Early fruit is yellow, and later develops a red blush. The flesh is firm and has notes of red.

Korean Premium Pear

1 PC FOR $7

Korean Premium Pear, juicy, non grainy and sweet. 

Holland Cherry Tomato

1 BOX FOR $15 (500g/box)

Cherry tomatoes taste similar to other fresh tomatoes, but because of their small size, the flavor can be a little more concentrated. Bright and sweet, they have a thin, snappy peel and a very juicy center.


1 PC FOR $12

They are so sweet, they have been called "fruit" tomatoes due to people being in disbelief at how rich a tomato can be! Balancing out this intense sweetness is the tomatoes natural umami savoury flavours.

Biteriot! Cherry Juice

1L FOR $18

BiteRiot! Cherry Juice has 17 x times more antioxidants than red grapes!
It contains freshly cold-pressed cherries & absolutely nothing else.
Packed with anti-oxidants naturally high in Vitamin C & potassium.

African Blue @ Premium Blueberries

1 BOX FOR $9.50

Blueberries are small round berries and have a slightly sweet taste with a bit of acid.

Mouthfeel is juicy and there is a pleasant "squirt" of juice as you bite down on a single fresh ripe blueberry.



1 BOX FOR $6 (100g/box)

Gooseberries are often similar in size and flavor to grapes, similar in taste and texture to grapes, but more acidic. Gooseberries are almost savory with a sharpness that comes across like tropical fruit. Mostly, these little berries are zingu, zesty and bright.


Sanlucar Strawberries

1 BOX FOR $8 (250g/box)

The Sanlucar Strawberry is a juicy, sweet, and full-flavored fruit that is sure to become your favorite snack. 

Long Kong

1 KG FOR $8

 Pale, fawn-coloured skin. Long Kong has a juicy and refreshing flesh with a tangy sour to sweet taste.


1 KG FOR $8

Often called “Dragon’s Eye” because of the white eye-shaped mark on the pit – giving it the appearance of an actual eyeball.

The juicy flesh has a mildly sweet and musky flavour.