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Korea Joyfarm Strawberries

1 BOX FOR $28 (330g/box)

Korean strawberries are an icon of South Korean culture, being popular both internationally and locally for their sweet flavour, fragrant aroma and juicy fruit. Strawberries are known in Korea as the “King of Winter Fruits”, with the fruit being harvested in abundance in the winter season.

Korea Pink Snow Strawberries

1 BOX FOR $18 (250g/box)

Korea Pink Snow Strawberries in Korea are not genetically modified and have been naturally bred over many years to create pale fruits with a sweet, subtly tangy flavor. Despite their unripe appearance, White strawberries are also known to be sweeter than red varieties.

Korea Strawberries

1BOX FOR $22 (330g/box)

The strawberry is a succulent and fragrant fruit of bright red colour. In the West it is considered as the "queen of the fruit".


1KG FOR $12

It has a greenish-yellow color, prickly skin, and creamy, white flesh.
Its taste is often described as a combination of strawberry and apple, but with a little citrus mixed in.

Vietnam Organic Chiku

1KG FOR $6

"Ciku" have a sweet, malty flavor with a mild pear-like undertone. Their flesh is yellowish-brown in color with streaks of orange when fully ripe. It has a soft, pulpy texture that is juicy and also slightly gritty, although not unpleasantly so. A "ciku" sweet aroma is best compared to cooked squash.

AUS Black Seedless Grapes

1KG FOR $20

The flesh is very crisp, almost crunchy, while the skin is thin and hardly impacts on the eating experience. 

AUS Champagne Grapes

 1BOX FOR $15 (500g/box)

Champagne grapes are a crisp grape with a sweet flavor that is balanced by a slight tartness. 

AUS green Seedless Grapes

1 KG FOR $25

It has large, round berries with an attractive milky pale green-yellow skin.
The flesh is very firm with a high level of dense crispness, also carries a sweet flavor with a subtle hint of muscat.

AUS Red Seedless Grapes

1 KG FOR $20

Red Seedless Grapes are firm and sweet with a very good, crisp texture.

Korean Muscat Grapes

1BUNCH FOR $45  (800g-850g)

Korean muscat grapes are larger than the average grape and have an oval to oblong shape. The skin is taut, smooth, glossy and bright green in colour. The flesh is generally translucent, soft, aqueous, and nearly seedless. These grapes have a crisp, snap-like quality followed by a soft, juicy consistency. 


New Zealand Green Kiwi


Full of flavor but with palate cleansing acidity, our kiwifruit are rich in fibre and packed with the enzyme actinidin which are brilliant for digestion.
New Zealand Sungold Kiwi

1PC FOR $2.50

High in Vitamin C, strengthening your body’s natural defences, and irresistibly sweet and juicy!