Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's a durian party set?

  • Durian party set is the suggested combination of durians and fruits for your event. Trust us, the amount of each fruit prescribed is sufficiently satisfying for the pax indicated.

Should I go with the durian party set?

  • The party set is suggested for first timer if you are not sure what to go for. It has a mix of everything and the right amount of fruits for the suggested users. For each durian party set, our sifus go extra miles picking only high-quality durians and fruits. More importantly, we priced it at a superb reasonable price.( Contact us for more info.)

Do you deliver?

  • Yes, we do! We provide free delivery service for orders above $100, or if you purchase a durian party set under Party Set A and B.

When will the durians be delivered if I order today?

  • We provide same day delivery. Since we want the durians to be as fresh as possible when you receive them, all our durians are harvested daily and being arranged for departure once it reaches our store, so we will need a bit of time to make sure we have enough goods and preparations. But we will try our best to deliver them as soon as possible.

Do you provide manpower to dehusk the durians?

  • We would love to see you smile along the durians! However, due to lack of human resources, we currently only offer complimentary manpower service for durians order of 180kg and above.

Alright. I'm sold. What do I do now?

  • Send in your order here. Or, email us at If you urgently need to get in touch with us, you may call/text +65 9751 8993 (Jane) or +65 9889 4906 (Alvin). Then sit back and wait for your durians to arrive on your doorstep.